German Burgers and Bread – Stand Aside Burger King

So my family recently embarked on a trip to Madrid. As an honors Spanish student, I am excited to show off my skills. Hola muchachos! Anyways, we had to catch a connecting flight in Munic. Too bad I don’t know German. My family and I went to this nice restaurant in the airport.

I think the restaurant name means hands off my gluck but I don’t know what a gluck is so….. 

I was expecting your classic airport crap. Overcooked chicken, greasy bun, limp bacon. Instead I got heaven.

Oh yeah, it may not look good but that’s because I ate half of it. I was hungry ok stop judging me. Or keep judging me because I can use my sadness to justify eating more burgers. Anyways, my burger was hella good. Seriously. I had a Burger King burger in Logan airport and that was an undercooked mess. Gordon Ramsay would be yelling “ITS RAWWWW” and that demotivated chef woulda been crying. I mean, look at the quality of the bread.

Now if that isn’t quality, I don’t know what is. Stand aside Burger King, and keep yo hands of my glockburger.


3 thoughts on “German Burgers and Bread – Stand Aside Burger King

  1. “Hans im Glück” may be translated to “Jack in luck” and is the title of a German fairy tale. This Hans gets a lump of gold from his master after finishing his seven years service. On his way home he exchanges his gold with ever deminishing values (a horse, a cow, a pig, finally a stone which he also loses) so comes home with empty hands – and that is his luck.


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