Spanish Salami Iberico AMAZING!!!

So we all know about jamon iberico. It’s cured pork meat and it tastes like heaven. Like I was in love with bacon and now I’m in love with jamon iberico. It may not be crispy but it’s still tasty. Anyways, my parents and I were at this random restaurant in a plaza in Madrid, Spain. I ordered the salami because…. I like salami and what I received was heaven. 

Yea look at that layered salami. Kinda looks like rocks. My science teacher would probably make me ID them. Anyways, this salami iberico is salty and oily and delicious. And only 4 calories per gram. Goodbye summer body, hello salty heaven. Is it a sin to be fat in heaven? Probably but if it is I’ll sin all day. Oh man guys Madrid is blowing me up send help. And spinach. And kale. Before my stomach explodes!!!!! 

Or don’t and I’ll just keep eating salami Iberico.


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