Spanish Churros are INCREDIBLE!!!!

So I love Churros more than the next person. I mean, it’s butter and sugar blended together and fried…. what wouldn’t I love. However, American Churros are quite awful. They are so greasy and heavy and well, I’m pretty sure they aren’t even made with real butter. This is probably relevant. Anyways, meet Churros from Spain.


Guys in all honestly, these Churros tasted like heaven. They were also the size of a big balloon sword. But who cares. The more the merrier amirite? Anyways, these babies are even better with hot chocolate.

If you want a recipe for hot chocolate that’ll help you gain mad weight, check this recipe out. Calorie count is 350 per cup btw. But damn, these Churros are the lyfe. I mean literally. Apparently, regular Churros shouldn’t have cinnamon. And I’m completely ok with that. Because instead I just put white refined sugar on it. Healthier right? Actually, cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants. But I heard dark chocolate has antioxidants as well. So that makes Churros a health food. It’s basically kale. 


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