Bar Santos’s Tortilla Española Review

Tortilla Española is a traditional dish served in Spain. It’s basically a latke with eggs mixed in, and it’s freaking delicious. Why does everything with potatoes have to taste so dang good. Why can’t make taste like potatoes. Genetic modifying, amirite? The so-called best Tortilla Española in Spain lies in Bar Santos, a tapas bar next to the Mezquita in Cordoba
There they serve Tortilla Españolas made in huge cake-like molds.

Now, I was talking to my mom and we both agreed that this totally looks like a block of cheese. I mean, Jerry would be so disappointed if he bit in to it. Now, although I love me some good Tortilla Española, this place serves some of the worst I’ve ever tasted. Firstly, the man serving us was just rude. A straight up jerk. We ordered and he literally took a slice and microwaved it.

Yea, looks appetizing doesn’t it? Served on a plastic plate with a plastic fork. World famous, right guys? It didn’t help that it tasted like a big turd. There was no spices added whatsoever and the dish wasn’t even warm. Maybe they need a new microwave. I ordered the meatballs and they tasted like gummy, microwaved poop. Probably cause it was. The place had no atmosphere. It was like the Moon. Overall, 0 outta 10, wouldn’t inhale again. 


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