Eslava: Possibly the Best Restaurant in Spain?

Spain has some good food. And when I say good, I mean DELICIOUS! However, the restaurant you choose has a massive impact on what type of food you receive. I know, duuuuuuuh. In Sevilla, a city in Spain, one restaurant stood out among the rest and that restaurant was Eslava. Just to whet  your appetite, here are some of the dishes we recieved. And please, don’t eat your phone. 

Slow roasted pork tenderloin served on homemade potato chips.

Pork tenderloin with a blue cheese sauce served on potato chips.

Honey roasted pork ribs, obviously with potato chips.

Their signature mackerel cigar, served with a yogurt sauce (and no chips gasp).

And of course, what is a restaurant without dessert?

Tiramisu and aged cheese ice cream.

Overall, this restaurant had many unique takes on Tapas dishes. The portions were the perfect size and the quality didn’t cease to amaze. I would walk over the ocean to eat here again. Just like Moses. But then I’d fall through the water cause the food would get me fat. But it would be well worth it.


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