Why Salmorejo is the Best Cure for a Stomachache

My family and I recently returned from Spain. Now in order to return, we had to take a 6 AM flight to Frankfurt and then fly from Frankfurt back to Boston. This wouldn’t be an issue, except for the fact that our train ride back from Granada only arrived at 11 PM, meaning we couldn’t check in to a hotel. This also wouldn’t be an issue, but it was because I got an awful stomachache. I have a crippling fear of public restrooms. They’re dirty, stinky, and just freak me out. So when I caught this bug, I knew I couldn’t hold my poop in for the 24 hours I needed to. However, Salmorejo came right to the rescue. You see, I wasn’t able to…. go…… in the clean restroom i.e. the hotel restroom. I was freaking out, my stomachs was hurting, and then my mom suggested we eat. I agreed and at a restaurant called La Bicicleta, I ordered a Salmorejo.

It obviously tasted like heaven but what it really did was oil up my bowels. The restaurant isn’t called La Bicicleta for no reason. They started spinning, I started going, and after that one dump I held it in for 24 hours until I reached the comfort of my own bathroom. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a true story.


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