Culture Week: Spanish Quiche with Chickpeas

So last week in our school was culture week. We basically spent the week celebrating other cultures and ended the week with a big feast. As language students, we were required to being in something and I decided to bring a quiche.

The inspiration for this dish came in Spain. My mom ordered a chickpea and spinach dish there and it was so good. So I decided, why not toss it in a quiche with cheese and top it with more cheese. And this monster was born. Actually tasted good, to be honest. I didn’t expect that.

I basically made the crust out of mixing flour and water and oil till it had a dough consistency. I then made the filling by wilting spinach and pan roasting chickpeas and sliced them with paprika and cayenne. I then whisked 4 eggs, mixed in some mozzarella, and mixed in my spinach chickpea thing. Pre baked the crust for 5 min at 375, then poured in the quiche and baked it for 40 min.

A culture week miracle.


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