Homemade Pizza (kinda)

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Just been busy at school and haven’t had much time/energy. Last week was April break and you’d think I’d be able to chill then but nope. Got my wisdom teeth pulled. How pleasant. Anyways, jokes aside, April break was still a blast for me since I cooked a ton of different things. But one of the tastiest things I cooked was my pizza.

The recipe isn’t even a recipe. I bought pizza dough from stop n shop and made it into a circle. Correction, my dad made it in to a circle. I kinda just stood there and watched. I’m lazy. I then prevailed it at 500 degrees for 8 min, then added pizza sauce and 4 oz of cheese. Baked for 7 ish more minutes or until the cheese had melted and crust was golden.

Now that’s a good lookin slice o pizza. And you may be asking, what is healthy about this? And my answer. Nothing. Veggies are not gonna ruin my pizza experience.


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