Healthy Baked Ziti with Cauliflower

Now I love my baked pasta. It's cheesy and tasty but normally so calorific that if I made it I, a bulking teen, would end the day way over my calorie goals. It also is so void of nutrients. I mean, white pasta, processed tomato sauce, and cheese. So many nutrients, amirite? That's why I … Continue reading Healthy Baked Ziti with Cauliflower


Green Lentil Pasta with Broccoli

I wish I were Italian. Then I would, for one, have an awesome Italian accent and, two, get to eat pasta all day. Now sadly, I'm not Italian but I do have access to pasta. Well, crappy grocery store pasta but hey, it counts! However, since I actually started reading the labels on products, I … Continue reading Green Lentil Pasta with Broccoli

Black Bean Rotini with Roasted Vegetables and a Marinara Sauce

Pasta is delicious but sometimes it can be so unhealthy. Made of mostly refined carbs with little fiber or protein, pasta isn't exactly a health food. That's why when I found Trader Joes black bean rotini, I was hype. So damn hype. So here I introduce to you all my pasta dish made with random … Continue reading Black Bean Rotini with Roasted Vegetables and a Marinara Sauce