Culture Week: Spanish Quiche with Chickpeas

So last week in our school was culture week. We basically spent the week celebrating other cultures and ended the week with a big feast. As language students, we were required to being in something and I decided to bring a quiche. The inspiration for this dish came in Spain. My mom ordered a chickpea … Continue reading Culture Week: Spanish Quiche with Chickpeas


Why I Love Jamon Iberico

Pork is gods gift to man. It's pink so it's manly and it tastes good so it's edible. Now jamon iberico is basically meat from a pig that has been fed an all veggie diet. Man, that pig musta had a sucky life. I mean, he's fed only veggies his whole life and then dies … Continue reading Why I Love Jamon Iberico

Eslava: Possibly the Best Restaurant in Spain?

Spain has some good food. And when I say good, I mean DELICIOUS! However, the restaurant you choose has a massive impact on what type of food you receive. I know, duuuuuuuh. In Sevilla, a city in Spain, one restaurant stood out among the rest and that restaurant was Eslava. Just to whet  your appetite, … Continue reading Eslava: Possibly the Best Restaurant in Spain?

Bar Santos’s Tortilla Española Review

Tortilla Española is a traditional dish served in Spain. It's basically a latke with eggs mixed in, and it's freaking delicious. Why does everything with potatoes have to taste so dang good. Why can't make taste like potatoes. Genetic modifying, amirite? The so-called best Tortilla Española in Spain lies in Bar Santos, a tapas bar … Continue reading Bar Santos’s Tortilla Española Review

Spanish Salami Iberico AMAZING!!!

So we all know about jamon iberico. It's cured pork meat and it tastes like heaven. Like I was in love with bacon and now I'm in love with jamon iberico. It may not be crispy but it's still tasty. Anyways, my parents and I were at this random restaurant in a plaza in Madrid, … Continue reading Spanish Salami Iberico AMAZING!!!